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Only essential features

Avoid unnecessary functionalities

24/7 support

We are always available to solve problems with your hosting at any time.


No more plugins, themes or installations updates. We do it all for you.


Our hosting servers are Linux with CentOs preinstalled operating system.

Spanish Ip

We use servers located in Europe and ip address in our country. Feel at home.


Avoid complicated panels. We only provide the tools you need. Nothing else.


Daily database and code backups. Recover your data hosting really fast.


We use quality hardware based on the latest Intel Xeon E7 processors.


Our servers are safe from brute-force attacks and other intrusions.


Install or migrate your WordPress easily. Everything is configured automagically.


All domains with free ssl. Your visitors will feel safe.


We ensure a good domain performance by adapting resources to your needs.

Always online

We guarantee an uptime of 99% of our shared hosting servers.

Basic Hosting

Annual hosting for websites with low traffic

Advanced Hosting

Hosting with unlimited traffic per month, crons and ssh

Advanced Unlimited Hosting

Unlimited domains to host all your websites
Get a free month if you buy a year!


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