Web extraction

Take advantage of internet to improve your business. We extract and generate databases in a moment.

Get all the necessary data

Expand or feed your bases with new data

Multiple typologies

We get data from static or dynamic pages, listings or details, social networks and private sections.

Creation of spiders

We create scrappers to extract any data from the web. You can execute the spiders from your systems.

Multiple resources

We extract texts, capture web and download files, delivering structured results.


Scheduled tasks

We create or execute your programs for periodic extractions of new data present in web pages.

Multiple formats

We convert the web data into databases (sql), files (excel or csv) or other resources (png, jpeg …).

Unlimited data

We generate databases of any size and number of records with a custom format in a moment.

Anonymous browsing

We use our network of proxies with IP rotation to avoid server blocks. All requests are anonymous.


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