We digitally transform your business, using Remote Airplanes to improve any process.

Dronify your business


Access HD, 4K and thermal images and get advanced results with great precision, effortlessly.

No risks

Ensure the safety of your workers and operations, with all the necessary insurance.

Certified pilots

All our pilots have an official title, are recognized by AESA and have valid medical insurance.

Multiple sectors

Multiple supported sectors: industrial, energy, real estate, agriculture, construction, …

Reduction of costs and times

Reduce operating costs, investment and the time needed to execute any operation.

Legal Operator

We are an operator recognized by AESA with multiple operational capabilities and a great technological vocation.

National coverage

Our pilots can cover the entire Spanish national territory at any time, in a moment.

Last technology

Drones with support for HD, 4K and thermal images with multiple operative capacities.


24x7 platform

Access all the results from anywhere and at any time, using our platform.

Multiple applications

Aerial photography

Professional aerial photographs with the highest quality and up to 20 megapixels of resolution. 360º panoramic aerial photography service so that the view from the air is complete.

Real Estate

Thanks to the quality of the aerial images, the best ally for the real estate sector is the realization of photographs and videos with drones. The best solution to show the full magnitude of your property.


The use of unmanned aircraft or drones for marketing campaigns is spreading more and more in various company campaigns.


Use precision agriculture, a perfect tool for control is available of irrigation, crop evaluation, control of boundaries, fumigation, …

Works follow-up

High resolution aerial images for civil works and archeology. Control thanks to the drones of the execution and fulfillment of deadlines in the monitoring and supervision of works of any dimension.


Public lighting, road maintenance, sewage treatment, bridges … Reduces the times of action in a fast and safe way, in addition to increasing efficiency and automation in operations.

Solar and Wind

The use of drones and thermal digital cameras allow inspections to optimize the operation and maintenance of any wind or solar plant.

HD & 4K aerial video

Aerial recording in Full HD and 4K for producers, televisions, companies or individuals with drones equipped with image stabilization and real-time vision screens.


Recording of all kinds of special outdoor celebrations. Photographs and aerial maps for private use, revision of roofs, facades, filtrations, properties or farms.

Live events

Aerial filming of events with the possibility of live coverage in HD quality from the air for television broadcasts, giving a new and innovative perspective.


Planning or marketing of new works or projects using virtual reality techniques and 3D digital models. Evaluation of works, inspection of units, logistics, security measures …

Mining and Industry

Orthophotos for visual tracking and measurements, elevation maps and contour lines, 3D reconstructions and detailed textures, point clouds …


Drones equipped with thermographic digital camera that allows the technical inspection and maintenance of buildings reducing costs. Analysis of thermal insulation, reviews of roofs of buildings and facades …

Electrical networks

Use of drones to supervise power lines. Applied thermography for the control of energy transport efficiency in high and medium voltage lines.


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