Import all the data sources and visualize in a single screen the status of your business in real time.


Multiple origins

Import the data from different sources into a single aggregate view and access all the details.


Define the periodicity of imports and visualize the results in real time.

Installation modes

Install the dashboard on your servers or in our infrastructure, in a moment.

New integrations

Add new importers on demand to know the status of your company.

Custom alarms

Define goals of your daily balance and receive alerts on any channel with Zapier.


Authenticated access to the panel to restrict the display of your data.

Update of versions

Access all updates automatically from any infrastructure.

Api y Webhooks

Agrega cualquier dato y concepto utilizando nuestra api y reenvíalo donde quieras con webhooks.

Download data

Exports the stored data at any time and analyze them with other tools.

Multiple views


  • Daily evolution and estimates of revenues, costs and margins combining all sources.
  • Export of data in Csv to process the data with external tools.
  • Unlimited monthly history and data reimportation from the beginning of the activity.


  • Real data and estimated leads / clicks, revenues, costs and daily margins.
  • Assignment of daily objectives for the reception of alarms.
  • Possibility of exporting the daily data with all the details.


  • Listings grouped by sources, campaigns and customers.
  • Detailed view of each aggregate, with revenue, costs and margins apportionment.


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